Player Profile - Mark "Dales" Daly

Player Profile - Mark "Dales" Daly

Hometown: Milton, MA


Al Thomas Athletics


10 year YBL Veteran - 2B - 3B - C


YBL All Star 2007


Bats – Right    Throws – Right


Milton High School – 2000 & St. Anselm College – 2004

Mark is an energetic – versatile player, who has been a big part of the Al Thomas resurgence over the past 10 seasons. He is a native Miltonian, who has great pride in his local team and sponsor. Mark is an educator/athlete, who also poses a great role model for his students.



Baseball Head: Did you ever get a look – see by MLB?

Dales: “I definitely did not get a look from any big league clubs, I have always loved playing with and against guys who did though. I was a high school teammate of Rich Hill (Boston Red Sox).  I faced former Sox Pitcher - Manny Delcarmen in high school, and I've played with and against many other ex-minor leaguers in the Yawkey League."



Baseball Head: What’s your favorite movie?

Dales:  “Goodfellas”



Baseball Head: Who is your favorite MLB player?

Dales: “Dustin Pedroia is my favorite player.  I love to watch pros that get the most out of the physical gifts they were given. Especially the short guys, being that I'm 5'4.”



Baseball Head: What is your most important Life Moment as of now?

Dales: "The most important thing for me is my family. Seeing my Niece and Nephews begin to grow up is the best."



Baseball Head: What’s your favorite place to dine out?

Dales:  “My favorite place to eat out would have to be James' Gate in JP."



Baseball Head: What MLB Parks have you visited?

Dales:  “I've been to Fenway, Camden Yards, the old Yankee Stadium, the old Olympic Stadium in Montreal, Wrigley Field, and I'm seeing a game in Pittsburgh next week.”



Baseball Head: Who is the most influential person in your life?

Dales: “The most influential people in my life are my parents. They are both incredible, selfless people.”



Baseball Head: As a former educator, I know how tough it can be to prioritize “baseball and the classroom”. How does it work for you?

Dales: Juggling work and baseball can be tough. I play in another league as well on a team that my brother and I started back in 2006. I also coach a Little League team in Savin Hill with buddies from college. Tack on all other normal responsibilities and it's definitely busy. I love it though.



Baseball Head: Who do you consider the Beasts of the YBL?

Dales:  “There are so many good players in the league that it's tough to pick just a few. The obvious ones that come to mind are guys like Desroches, Tardugno, and Lambert. Bucciarelli from Revere and Owens from McKay have also been tough guys to play against because they can beat you a bunch of different ways."



Baseball Head: Why did you select the YBL over other local leagues?

Dales:  “The YBL has been perfect for me. Playing for a contending team every year run by Joe O'Hara has been great.  Playing for Mr. Al Thomas is the biggest reason why I love this league and love the team I play for. He sponsored my Little League team when I was a kid as well, so I've known Al most of my life. If there is a more generous man out there, I haven't met him.”



Baseball Head: What team do you enjoy beating the most?

Dales: “We've had a lot of big games in the past with McKay, so beating them is always huge. I think every team wants to knock off Somerville though. They are the gold standard in this league.”


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